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Why do you need to register?

Ok, let's get serious for a moment: UNDERGROUND CONFERENCE is about freedom and stuff. The organizing team wishes to enjoy the party themselves, not being busy organizing slaves like at other demoparties. This means: The organizers will do all pre-party preparations, but during the party itself we want to get drunk just like you, and not take any unneeded responsibilities.

To be able to do this, we need to be able to trust our visitors. We need to trust you that you are able to keep an eye on yourself. We need to trust you that you are fair enough to pay the entrance fee. We need to trust you that you are able not to burn yourself in the bonfire, don't start any kind of trouble, don't kill yourself with any kind of substance or stupidity.

For us, this means: If we need to trust our visitors, we need to know them. And this means: We only accept visitors that one of our organizers personally knows from previous demopartys. We'll also accept visitors who are friends with another scener we highly trust, if that scener is willing to take the responsibility for the person unknown to us if anything goes wrong. Or, to put it differently: If you bring someone with you who for example is unable to handle alcohol and gets too drunk, it will be YOUR job to safely bring him to sleep, clear up his vomit etc.

If you wish to attend UNDERGROUND CONFERENCE, you *must* register beforehand using the form below, and your application needs to be accepted by the organizing team. We will not accept anyone at the party place who hasn't registered with us beforehand! If you later decide not to show up at the party, you must inform us by dropping a mail to

When filling out the form, please add your unobfuscated email address. This won't be published nor abused in any way, but the confirmation email for your request will be sent there. If you obfuscate your mail address in any way, your request will not get accepted.

If you think that members of our organizing team will be able to recognize you simply from your scene handle, then you do not need to fill the "reason" field. If you think that this might not be the case, please add information about yourself to the "reason" box. Valuable information would be: Demoparties visited before, possibly past demoscene releases you've worked on. If you are friends with known sceners, name them, but make sure to ask them beforehand if they really are willing to vouch for you.

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Approved sceners

bundy   111
fashion   vacuum^farbrausch
scamp   vacuum
DJefke   RBBS/BaaS
2funky   neuro
cyraxx   METT!^Schnappsgirls
moqui   Schnappsgirls
FRaNKy   2
jco   still
muhmac   speckdrumm
ZoLO   8
sir garbagetruck   435510
Madame   Schnappsgirls
gerson   viprinet
MRC   Abyss-Connection
Das Fox    31337
TMA   Abyss-Connection
Chotaire   TRSi
mbb   tUM
PerfectPC   RBBS^Baas
ace`r`us   neuro
Alexanderer   5711 / DW / evoke
2b   Smash Designs
Harvey   TRSI
docd   TRSi
sheijk   -
unexist   die Wissenden
Topy44   Miragɘ
Masta   VAC^BaaS
BeRo   Farbrausch
Y0Gi   rev_orga
T$   Alcatraz / Scoopex / Wursthupe
J.A.K.   AttentionWhore
urs   mercury
neuralnet   AttentionWhore
v3nom   TRBL^red_scarves
OhLi   Digital Demolition Krew
Widdy   G*P / Nuance / Oxyron
Delax   never
RufUsul   Abyss
cupe   mercury^STROBOHOLICS^AbgestuerzteAkademiker
sv-- / n0tty   Haeh?
verschdl   neVer
Bacter   Speckdrumm
Chaos   Farbrausch
yoda   fanbnavsch
ZaVkE   Rbbs
Marlowe    13
kai aka soney   smash designs
messy   diewissenden / atw
gizmo   farbrausch
Steffen   Vipri-Lovers
wayfinder   vacuum
pnm   speckdrumm
eha   smash designs
Acryd   FR
hypo   cubalid7
Saga Musix   Nuance ^ SVatG
kb   ELITEGROUP, The Obsessed Maniacs, Smash Designs, Barschfrau
Lycan   LNX
bw   die Wissenden
janusch   Viprinet
Katrin   Viprinet ;)
las   mercury
psykon   mercury
Lord   Spreadpoint
xtrium   LNX
_ralf_   viprinet
mueslee   titan/haujobb
Kabuto   Titan
shamada   kinderkram
Nachbar   Arschmade
cydo   cydo
groepaz   utopia
mog   TRBL
theunitedstatesofamerica.   farbrausch
Ronny   Fwblcsch
Katje   rbbs
DeeKay   Crest/Oxyron

Total number of approved sceners: 82

Total number of pending registrations: 374