Conference 8

deep in the underground,
play down my broken heart,
deep in the underground,
i want to be the friend to start.

Back to the underground

After 11 years of silence, the true hardcore elite underground scene is back in your face to bring you Underground Conference 8, earths only uberscene event.

Underground Conference is Germanys's oldest multi-platform demoscene party, taking place since 1995. UC8 is - obviously - the 8th edition and at the same time the 22th anniversary of the party series.

From Thursday, June 15th to Sunday, June 18th, the cream of the crop of the demoscene will gather on a huge meadow in the deep dark forests of the Hunsrück mountains, somewhere between Frankfurt Hahn airport and the historic scene town of Bingen am Rhein.

Bring your camping gear, bring all your electronics and big tower PCs, as this will be a true old-school outside and underground event. The best compos, the best events, and the most bizarre unfun-compos of all times are awaiting you.

We are not spoiling what the location is yet, as it's too fucking amazing to tell your sorry soul. Wait for the Non-Inivitation-Demo to be released at Revision 2017 to find out. However, everything is booked and disorganizing is going strong, so it is safe to already book your trip.

Hard facts:

  • Party starts Thursday, June 15th 2017, 16:00. If you arrive earlier, you will be enslaved and will be forced to setup stuff
  • Party ends Sunday, June 18th 2017, 16:00
  • Shuttle service from fake-Frankfurt Hahn airport - this is a cheapo fake airport that has some Ryanair connections
  • Direct train connection from real non-fake Frankfurt am Main airport, shuttle service from the train station
  • Easy to reach by rail - book your train tickets from/to Idar-Oberstein
  • This is an open-air camping event. Bring your camping gear!
  • Great disgusting food, showers and rest rooms are provided.
  • There will be a huge party tent where most of the party takes place in
  • There will be lots of outside events, the most hardcore and weird ones you have ever experienced

Features include:

  • A beautiful meadow to camp on, next to a small river
  • A mothafuckin HUGE party tent
  • Cozy  bonfire
  • Huge bigscreen and powerful PA suitable for 1.000.000 ppl hardcore concerts
  • Realtime beer statistics 
  • Chip card currency of doom

Compos include the classic UC line-up:

  • Demo/Intro
  • HDD Throwing
  • 180 BPM Pan beating
  • Happy Hardcore
  • Paralymp3 (your track will only played as long as follow degrading punishments on stage)
  • Multichannel with Livesupport (you need to sing or play along an instrument to your track)
  • Pr0n leeching

...with some new exciting compos specific to the location to be added.

The location is easily reached from Fake-Frankfurt Hahn airport (some Ryanair flights going there), real Frankfurt Main airport (direct train connection to the location from there), and rail. It is located near Idar-Oberstein, which is in the Hunsrück mountains somewhere between Koblenz and Bingen am Rhein.

The orga team consists of Germany's most experienced organizers, lead by scamp (of Breakpoint fame), so you can expect disorganizing at highest standards.

Please note: This is an invitation-only event. Visitors must apply for registration in advance and will be preselected by the orga team based on number and quality of scene releases and behavior at previous partys. This is due to the party taking things to the edge in extreme ways, so we must be able to trust our visitors not to kill themselves. Registration opens at Revision. In case you need to book flights earlier, please contact scamp.

Questions, comments, remarks, tiny aliens eating your brain? Check out the UC8 thread at